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  Stephanie Mui
  Tina Courtney

I'm a cat-girl living in the Big City, nestled at the base of the Hollywood sign. I left the corporate world to live life as a freelance writer - bye-bye paycheck, hello luscious freedom. The pennies I do save go towards tasting menus at fabulous food spots.
  Paula Hansen

Being in the Air Force Vet gave Paula a real rush in life. These days, its going to concerts! During the day she's working on her doctorate. But at night, shes metalhead, headbanger chic.
  Alysha Kotadia

I'm Alysha, from England. I like all types of music, but mostly RnB and Hip Hop. I'm generally a nice person who loves to have fun. The things i enjoy most are taking holidays abroad and going to concerts (of course)!!

  Adam Libman

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  Maria Rincon Maria Rincon

Having grown up in a dynamic environment, Maria has developed a passion for many types of music. A psychology major, she has the tendency to look deeper into the music in which she surrounds herself; often analyzing lyrics and the artist's behavior. But at her core, she's a concert girl who loves to jump up and down to her Chili Peppers. Guys watch out, she will punch you if you feel her up in the PIT. You've been warned!