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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Kaiser Chiefs Review
Venue/Date: Ford Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, CA)
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June 20th, 2007
Reviewer: aceshooter

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The indie rock band incites their inner "Angry Mob" at their recent concert
Artist(s): Kaiser Chiefs
By CRAIG STEPHENS, Contributing Writer
Published 6/20/2007

Oh My God! Is it admirable when localism gives way to globalism? when the overriding sentimentality for all things familiar is surpassed by people and places you need to get to in an airplane? Yes it's more interesting, though expensive, and the accents are sometimes weird.

Case in point: The Kaiser Chiefs. This band is weird people with funny accents from a place called Leeds in England, a former mining town with some good universities. They seem a smart mob of blokes and in all their emaciated, skinny jeans wearing, fag smoking glory.

Essentially they are yobs. Uncultured underprivileged types, by U.S. standards. "Losers," as is often the term deemed to embrace those of challenged backgrounds, those denied the glories of car culture and consumerism.

Still The Kaiser Chiefs are in a way of the moment (their new album YOURS TRULY, ANGRY MOB hit stores in February) and their performance at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles on June 14th, offered travel deprived Angelenos an unfamiliar romanticism, belying more depth, and appeal than the average mall spawned dullard fed on a diet of cable TV and pampering parents.
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