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Chris Singing Wall to Wall
2008-04-03 17:40:31

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Chris Brown Danced from Wall to Wall
Venue/Date: Nationwide Arena (Columbus, OH)
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January 30th, 2008
Reviewer: ConcertGoer23

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This first tour as a major-venue headliner. His show there included all the bells and whistles. With banks of video screens, a 10-member dance squad, jets of flame, lasers, costumes and towering blasts of smoke - it was the equal of any big-ticket extravaganza in its scope and ambition. Of course, the 7,000 or so fans welcoming Brown that night didn't come for the fancy sets or pyrotechnics. They came for singing, dancing and the chance to get close to one of America's hottest heartthrobs. They got most of what they wanted. At the start of his set, Brown dropped - parachute style - to the stage from up in the arena's rafters, decked out in commando-style gear. Singing "Wall to Wall," he wriggled, stuttered and slid with style and precision. Vocally, he was supported by lots of pre-recorded backing tracks, but when his voice punched through the mix, it sounded solid. From the wave of piercing screams rising from the audience, it was clear that fans approved. A few songs later, Brown eased into the romantic jam "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" and suddenly a gang of Brown lovers spontaneously rushed the stage - only to be pushed back by security. The scene repeated a half-dozen times during the show. Musical highlights included a virtual duet on "Umbrella," in which Rihanna's image appeared on stage via a video screen, and the steamy "Take You Down," performed on a miniature, circular, rotating stage set up at the back of the house. Brown and a few of his male backup dancers pulled off their shirts and acted out some of the song's sexy scenes. "It ain't my first time, but baby we can pretend," he sang, "hey, let's bump and grind, girl, tonight will never end." Other parts of the show weren't steamy at all, they were just filler. The concert included brief solo segments for each of the 10 dancers, as well as for two young, pint-sized performers who were part of Brown's team based on their talent and cuteness. It was all very nice, but the show's energy level didn't rebound until Brown kicked into hits "Run It!" "Kiss Kiss" and his new single, "With You." Shortcomings were quickly forgiven by Brown's love-struck followers, though. The concert was above others/

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