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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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The One Where Eddie Vedder Puts On A Great Show
Venue/Date: The Wiltern (Los Angeles, CA)
Concert Date:  
April 13th, 2008
Reviewer: thblckdog

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I had the opportunity to see Eddie Vedder’s sold out show at the Wiltern and it was a great experience. For those who have been living under a rock or are really into Celine Dion, Mr. Vedder is the lead singer of a little band called Pearl Jam and their live performances are epic and known to rock your face off. Mr. Vedder’s solo work is much more restrained and has acoustic musings are often accompanying Sean Penn movie soundtracks. I was not sure what to expect from the evening. I should first discuss Mr. Liam Finn the opening band and a really awesome one at that. He is a solo performing artist who plays all the instruments in his one man rock band except female backing vocals. Given time though, Mr. Finn may handle that duty as well. His frenetic energy and aptitude with numerous instruments was quite amazing. It was also interesting to hear the sounds of a full band and only see a single individual actually playing an instrument. Through the modern miracle of loop pedals and other sonic technology though Mr. Finn has no trouble succeeding. Intermission Then Mr. Vedder took the stage and gave a direction to the night. The stage was simply him, a chair and a few different guitars for playing. He began with some of his lesser known pieces which I could not guess at but certain audience members knew every word to. His third song though was “I am Mine” a brilliant acoustic rendition of a Pearl Jam classic. This was followed by some tracks off “Into the Wild”, “You got to hide your love away” from I am Sam, Dead Man from Dead Man Walking. These songs were interspersed with Mr. Vedder’s musings about life his day to day living and other thoughts from a rock star. Listening to him speak showed a few things, first he has a very engaging speaking voice. Second, he is capable of stringing together a coherent and funny story and finally, he is witty enough to speak to the audience off the cuff. All together it raised my opinion of him. The show moved into some more up tempo songs which were played on the Mandolin and Ukelele. Then a few Pearl Jam hits followed by various covers etc. Sorry I cant remember a perfect set list, the show was Two and Half hours and I spent most of it enjoying the music rather than memorizing the set list. Some highlights were “Man of the Hour” and another cover I can’t remember. A quick tangential rant about the drunk English people sitting 4 seats down. If you want to have some drinks at a concert that’s cool. If you want to sing along good for you but remember people paid money to hear Eddie Vedder not your gibberish. A break followed by a return to the stage for “last kiss” and a ditty with Liam Finn. Mr. Finn’s father was a musician so they played one his Father’s hits. Some more musings from Mr. Vedder and then Ben Harper was introduced and joined the stage for a singing of “No More” from the documentary Body of War. Ben Harper, Liam Eddie and a Drummer whose name escapes me played a cover of something. Which was the big set up for an awesome cover of “All along the Watchtower”(the Hendrix version). Extremely well played and they defiantly played the long version. Mr. Vedder played a final encore and the night ended with a great experience. I would certainly rate this concert as very memorable experience, any person who appreciate Eddie Vedder’s work should take the opportunity to see him live. I will warn there is definite pinko-commie-hippie-liberal-bias to his music and discussions but if you read this far, you already know it.

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