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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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It's All About the Live Show
Venue/Date: STAPLES Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Concert Date:  
December 2nd, 2008
Reviewer: bluemoon67

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Well, I saw Celine because I knew it would be one of the great shows of my time, and it absolutely was. I only like 2 Celine songs, but it was one of the all time great shows. It was because she hit every note, exactly on key, with drama and enough emotion to make it hers, all night long, every song, every fucking note. And she can belt it out. The reviews were great, but said that she exhibited restraint and did not "R&B" it up too much, which made the show better. So many artists try to show you what they can do by dragging out every note and ruin the music. The music was mesmerizing. I made Randy stay until she walked through the audience signing autographs etc, amazing in itself, but because it was one of those times that you just didn't want to miss. I've seen some great shows, but I ALWAYS exit to smoke and drink and act up and move around and get a different view of the stage. This is the first concert in like 15 years that I just stayed seated. Every song was good, and I didn't even know them, but they all sounded familiar and great and very enjoyable. I watched a Celine concert on tv. After 5 songs, I was just tired of her. But LIVE, she was absolutely mesmerizing and fantastic and I clung onto each note. Didn't move. What the Hell was that. Even at an Annie concert, I move, I smoke, I drink. And Annie is still far superior because of that extra expression. But I have to give Celine something else. I didn't fucking move the whole night. It wasn't my favorite performance, but if I were a critic, I'd have to say it was one of the best stage performances I ever saw. It wasn't grit and blood and sweat and all the things I personally enjoy on a stage, but it was perfect. And even I can recognize a 10 when I see it. Just thought I'd share that with you. You're a music affictionado to say the least. Some shows you just have to see. Side note: Example: I drove all night by Cyndie Lauper is the best renditions of the song I've heard. It's not perfect, it's raw, it's full of grit, emotion, makes you want to jump out of your body to do free-standing jumping jacks and celebrate. Celine does the song too. She does it perfectly, hits every note better than Cyndi, has a better band and a better video. On that song, Celine is a 10, she's always a 10. The best right? No, Cyndi goes off the scale to 14+, whether she does it perfectly or not. Whether the band sucks or not. Her other songs might be 5's if they're lucky, but Celine's songs are 10's every time, all day long. I knew it, and I had to see a live show like that.

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