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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Ben and I!
2008-12-27 21:58:11

2008-12-27 21:58:11
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2008-12-27 21:58:11

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Most Memorable show yet!
Venue/Date: Grog Shop (Cleveland, OH)
Concert Date:  
November 18th, 2008
Reviewer: StellarNina

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The first opening band was a local Ohio band... I think their band was Ohio Skies... or something like that. I could dig their style, mostly spacey instrumental jamming out with some songs with vocals but they had their volume turned up way too loud. It didn't sound good. Second band was the Heavy Young Heathens. Again, I could dig/respect their sound. It was just two guys. Brothers in fact. The main singer had kind-of a Bob Dylan type of voice. Very Indie/ Alternative music. They cracked tons of jokes too, funny funny. I was getting quite antsy for Ben to come on though. While HYH was unloading their equipment I started to worry a little bit, because I wasn't dead center anymore. I had shifted to the left a bit. People started setting up things for Ben, and out comes a line of pedals, setlist, and mic stand..... put RIGHT in front of me. Seriously. Then I looked over to the girls I had talked to a little bit ealier and said "Is this where Ben is going to be?!?!?!" They were like, "You know it!". Ben came on a few minutes later and it was just a blur of singing/screaming the words to all the songs along super loud, taking some great pics, and just enjoying a killer show from there. I zoned out. Such wonderful, FUN music, tons of amazing songs. Ben really sings his heart out, he's very passionate. He shared some great funny stories with the crowd, talked about how he discovered how much loved playing Batman legos, and just had a good time. Such a down to earth guy. His guitar had Snoopy on it too! lol. Ashley, the backup vocalist/bassist was a super funny guy too. A drum battle took place about halfway through the set too, against Ben and Sekou (the actual drummer). Both guys hopped off the stage for a bit, and came back with some funny wrestling masks on (which I'm pretty sure they bought @ HT). Ashley hosted it, with a total "and in this corner, weighing in at yada yada yada" vibe to it. They went back and fourth... Ben played a drum machine, Sekou with the real drums. Tight beats. The crowd crowned Sekou winner. Overall the show was probably one of the most memorable shows I've experienced yet. It was surreal, really. To have the bassist for Incubus, the band that means EVERYTHING to me, in touching distance, dead in front of me... words can't describe the blissful happiness I felt. And it was even more surreal getting to meet him and chat with him for a few minutes. He's such a nice guy. Thumbs way up. Note: Being a concert photographer, having the opportunity to shoot the show was incredible as well. for more photos from this show check out

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