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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Conchords invade Detroit
Venue/Date: Fox Theatre (Detroit, MI)
Concert Date:  
April 24th, 2009
Reviewer: benchwarmerstix

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I will start off by saying that I do in fact like the Conchords, they are just my 3rd favorite novelty band. If I am ranking them in order, I have to go 1) Tenacious D , 2) The Mighty Boosh , 3) Flight of the Conchords. I put the D at the top because how can you have a list and not include the mad talented Jack Black at the top of the list? They are the modern day trailblazers for the genre. I guess the Smothers Brothers started it all off, and I am sure I am leaving out other names, but for me it starts with JB and the D. I love musical comedy, and if you have musical talent and a funny concept you may be sitting on a legion of fans and a stack of cash before you know it. All 3 musical novelty groups listed are very entertaining, and very talented. As for the Conchords show, I was extremely pleased with how good the show was, how tight the music was and how engaging the guys are. There were funny comments throughout the night but my favorite was the following; Brett: “This (Fox Theatre) is the most beautiful place we have ever played” Jemaine: “Yes, and after driving around Detroit earlier I see that you spent all of your money on this place” . The guys came out in Robot suits and I was excited because Robots is my favorite FoC song, but they went into “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor”. They then went into accoustic songs and played mostly things from the new season, but peppered in some classics. They did play “Alfie the Racist Dragon” which made me happy. I could only imagine what the workers at the Fox who may not have known the FoC thought about the show. I saw some puzzled looks for sure. They answered questions that were shouted from the crowd improptu and when someone screamed out “who like to rock the party?” they quickly went into a nice version of We Like to Rock the Party. Off the cuff, but I am sure that gets shouted out at most shows they do and were well prepared to do it. Overall the show made me like them more, especially Jemaine. In the show he seems like such a pathetic excuse for a man, and I realize it is just acting, a fact they pointed out when someone yelled “Where’s Murray?”, but live Jemaine is the front man. Would I see them again? Absolutely. I would also recommend ANYONE spend the money and go see them, it was a great night out with the wife. Which brings me to my point about the FoC. Thy are Tenacios D toned down enough to attract the female demo. It was 60/40 Women to Men in the crowd. They are geared towards women, but still funny enough for guys to enjoy them thoroughly. Go see them!!!!! I also wrote another review in my blog http://www.benchwarmerstickets.com/blog/?p=105

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