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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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right of the stage and edited
2010-11-04 23:09:57
left of the stage
2010-11-04 23:09:57

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Circa Survive
Venue/Date: The Dome (Bakersfield, CA)
Concert Date:  
November 4th, 2010
Reviewer: christina_traffanstedt

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So there I was, standing in the middle of the crowd dripping sweat with the smell of beer, weed, and B.O. filling the air of the tiny basement under Jerry's Pizza. Finally, i hear everybody screaming and feel the gigantic crowd pushing against my back right into the sweaty bodies in front of me. Yep, I was at the Circa Survive concert in Bakersfield California. Now I had been to three concerts prior to this one, but they were all pretty calm. I had never been to this particular venue before, so you could imagine my amazement when I found it was under ground, in a basement which i had also never been in. With a maximum capacity of around 400, and easily 500 people in the little room, everybody was crammed together only moving with the whole crowd. As at every good rock concert, there were crowd surfers whom were literally being pushed against the ceiling. At a few points, I was scared that someone was going to get seriously hurt like that. Defying all odds, no one got hurt until the fight broke out. Yes, a fight. I know you're thinking "These people are crazy! getting into a fight in such a packed room!" and yes, drunk people are pretty crazy. About 99.9% of the people in that room were either drunk, high, or both. Being as packed in by men as I was, i didn't even notice the fight. All I knew was someone spilled a cup of beer on me, everyone was backing up,and the music had stopped. then it hit me, literally. the fighters came to the floor smacking right into my legs almost taking me down with them! I scrambled away knowing that if i fell, id be either stepped on, or knocked out. Eventually, security got the fight broken up and escorted them out later calling the cops on them, and the crazy concert continued. At that point, I realized I was out of my element. I, a 14 year old girl, had no place at a concert as eccentric as this. So because the concert was almost over anyways, i decided to tell my sister and get out of there. When we found our car, we were full of adrenalin and started texting out virtual worlds everything that had happened.

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