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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Lil Wayne
Venue/Date: US Airways Center (Phoenix, AZ)
Concert Date:  
April 19th, 2011
Reviewer: chardeezy

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I went to the lil wayne concert on April 19th 2011. I had bought tickets 2 months in advance, one for me and one for my girlfriend. Both were VIP tickets costing me $510 total. When we got to the U.S. Airways Center around 7 pm, you could see hundreds of people waiting in line to get inside. After a couple pictures we decided to get in line, which wasnít as long for us because we had VIP tickets. I have never been in the U.S. Airways Center before, so I didnít know what to expect when I walked inside. Once we were patted down and searched for weapons, we all walked inside and the first thing we did was get drinks. There was a guy at the entrance selling beer bottles for $7.75 a piece, which to me was way too expensive, but after some negotiating, we got him to give them to us at $6 apiece. So far, all the staff has been pretty nice to us. From outside you can hear the sounds of people screaming at the top of their lungs and the music thumping behind it. We walked through some black curtains, through one of the various hallways all leading to the center of the arena, and sure enough, the sound, smell, and overall feel of the concert hits you like a brick wall. All I could smell walking in was the intense aroma of marijuana being smoked, and the sounds were that of Travis Barker (drummer to various bands such as Blink 182, and the Transplants) banging on the drums like itís his job. Oh wait, IT IS. We had to go through about four security guards checking tickets to get to where our seats were at before we sat down and began enjoying the show. Travis and his new DJ (forgot his name) were inside of a huge Famous Stars & Straps boom box. Travis and his drum set in the right speaker, and his DJ in the left. There were a couple rappers that came out and performed some of their songs with Travis and his DJ providing the music, but they were underground artist that I had never heard of before. The next artist was Rick Ross. He came out and performed a few songs before we needed to get another drink. One thing about drinking at the US airways center is that it is expensive. One drink cost anywhere from 7 to 13 dollars. So we walked across the street to another bar and had a few ďcheaperĒ drinks there while Rick Ross performed since we didnít really know very many of his songs. When we came back about half hour later, they were setting up Lil Wayneís stage. We took our seats and waited for the show to start. Lil Wayne came out and started talking to his fans. Iíve been to a lot of concerts, and most of the time, artists come out to one of their songs to get the crowd started. Well Lil Wayne decided to have a sort of monologue before performing any of his songs. It was amazing, he talked about his life, and without his fans, he would be, and have nothing. It was rather inspiring. Then he began performing his music: everything from his old stuff to his newest songs. The stage was one of the biggest I had ever seen before. It had 15 television screens in rows of 5 horizontal and 3 vertical. Each screen mustíve been 10 feet by 10 feet because they were humongous. Not only that, but they also had stairs in the back because when Lil Wayne wasnít on the floor next to the crowd, he was up at the top in front of the screens. Again, nothing I had ever seen before. He changed clothes like every 3 songs or so, rising from the floor, or walking next to the crowd. His energy was through the roof. All I could do was jump up and sing along with him. Now who ever the live sound engineer was, knew what he was doing, because all of his music sounded just like the CD, and you could hear his voice crystal clear over the microphone and the sound systems. Not to mention, the air conditioning mustíve been cranked because it was actually rather cold in there, making it comfortable enough to deal with being surrounded by thousands of people. Nicki Minaj came out and performed a couple songs of her own, as well as a few with Lil Wayne. I swear I felt like she was a cartoon character. She was so random in her clothing, and her stage movements, I felt as if I was watching a play of some sort. She was wearing tie-dye spandex, with a white corset over her stomach, white puffy Marge Simpson style hair, and of course radical shoes and jewelry. During one of the songs, she had someone from the audience come up and get a dance from her. Turns out it was professional basketball player Steve Nash. I will admit she has a fantastic voice, and great stage quality. I didnít think she was going to be that good but I was surprised how good of a show she put on. Finally Lil Wayne came back out and performed a song with Birdman, one of his original mentors, again putting on a fantastic show. If youíre even remotely a Lil Wayne fan, his concerts will surely blow you away. I have never had so much fun or enjoyed such a great show in all the concerts I had been to. I will say I wish it was in a different venue, one with more room around the stage instead of stadium seating. Other than that the experience was amazing.

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