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Technosonics Concert Review
Venue/Date: Paramount Theater (Charlottesville, VA)
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April 21st, 2011
Reviewer: smp5f

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InDiscipline, a music-science collaboration performance between composition students and UVA scientists, demonstrated a relationship exists between science and music. This fantastic production not only displayed this music-science relationship through sound, but also showed the evolution of electronic and electroacoustic music in each performance. For example, performances explored various cosmic events using computer or acoustic sounds. This collaborative performance proved that a relationship exists between what would otherwise appear to be unrelated subjects through an original, creative medium. In some performances, there were acoustic instrument performers. To illustrate, Tasha Warren played the clarinet in the “Lullaby of Newborn Stars.” This performance successfully utilized the clarinet in contrast to electronic tones to explore the topic of star formation. The repetitive fast, high-pitch sounds made by the clarinet complimented the background electronic tones resembling the sounds produced by a phone left off the hook. Inspired by the formations of stars in the Milky Way, the piece perfectly executed electronic tones to represent a single sonic event. This piece demonstrates the development of electronic music by computerized sound instead of the Theremin, for instance. Furthermore, in the “Source and Origins” performance demonstrated the use of atmospheric computer-generated noises. The collaboration between a composer and an aspiring astronomer produced a piece surrounded around the fact that elements of life present in the center of stars are released into space when stars explode. The cello was used to produce the sound of screeches similar to fingernails against a chalkboard. Complimenting the sounds produced by the cello were the background sounds of wind and/or water and a group of bells from the computer. In a tactful and inventive manner, the artist in this performance used the communications between the cello and computer to illustrate the cosmic relationships between the electromagnetic radiation released from pulsars and gravitational waves. Complimenting the use of electronic tones, acoustic instruments, and computerized sounds, the “North Fork Dry Run in Shaver Hollow” piece utilized electroacoustics to create a soundscape. In this soundscape it consisted of chirping birds and the sounds of trickling brooks. This collaboration between three individuals from different fields reproduced an experience using percussion, a ballad singer, and electronics. The combination of rapid percussion sounds, noises similar to running water or rain, as well as singing helped produce remarkable environmental art translated into the form of music. The music-science collaborative performance, InDiscipline, was imaginative in nature. It displayed a relationship between unrelated fields of study. In some pieces, it was an observable exploration of cosmic phenomenons and/or a recreation of environmental experiences. Moreover, InDiscipline had many components that make up Technosonics. Electronic music, electroacoustic music, acoustic instruments, computer music, and/or a combination were present in this performance. Overall, the performance tastefully and artistically showed the evolution and developments in Technosonics.

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