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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Awesome show
Venue/Date: Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie, TX)
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April 30th, 2011
Reviewer: flipalip

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First things first, this was a great show. I've seen Randy Rogers Band double-digits time, and they were as good as usual. At Lone Star Park, it's a big time High School/College scene on concert nights, as they make up about 90% of the total attendance so know that going in. If you get there before 9 pm it's usually $5 entry and all parking is free, so that's what my friends and I did. The park's idea in getting people in for $5 is to bet on the three to four horse races that take place between 9 and the start of the show (which is usually 11:30-12). So we get there, and the seating is first come, first serve so we're getting up decently close, but still leaving enough room to dance. The horse races finish, and eventually the stage speakers start pumping music while they put the finishing touches on the stage for the show. A great atmosphere so far with people dancing and screaming and drinking. Then the lights go out, and the stage lights up and the DJ of the local radio station that produces these shows comes out to pump the crowd up. After that, the band takes the stage and gives you an awesome hour and a half experience. The lights are synchronized with the music, and the band has the perfect mixture of "We're every day guys" and "We're seasoned performers." Everyone in the band is great, but the fiddler, Brady Black, is incredible. Every time we go to see them, I tell my friends to watch him because he'll jump up and down or take his hand off while playing, and just shreds on every solo. They finished the set and headed backstage, but everyone was chanting "RANDY F****NG ROGERS" so they came back out for a few more songs and closed on "This Time Around" which is heavy guitar and fiddle dual solo's -- Awesome. The lights were especially intense on this song, synchronizing perfectly with the hits in the songs at key build ups, and eventually exploded into a strobe-like scene complete with fog on the stage, almost as if their amps were exploding... Which they most likely were. All in all, Randy Rogers puts on a great show, and this was another great one for me. Outdoors helps as well, as a lot of people are smoking cigarettes and marijuana, and the lawn where people stand is sloped up so the back is higher than the front and everyone can see. A cool place and a great concert, HIGHLY recommend.

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