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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Phishing for good vibes
Venue/Date: Tweeter Center For The Perf. Arts (Mansfield, MA)
Concert Date:  
June 7th, 2011
Reviewer: CSchmider

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Phish is a psycadelic jam band that has been around since the early eighties. The band is composed of four members: Trey Anastasio, (Guitar, Vocals) Jon Fishman, (Drums, Vocals) Mike Gordon, (Bassist, Vocals) and Paige McConnell (Keyboard, Vocals). These four human beings have changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, including my own. I have seen them twice live now, the first time was at the Amherst, Massachusetts show on 10-24-10 and this is where my love for Phish began, but it wasn’t until I saw them at the Mansfield, Massachusetts show on 6-7-11 that Phish truly changed my life. Every pluck of Treys guitar, every bubbly bump from Mike’s bass, every clashing symbols of Jon’s drum set, every crisp, clean note played on Paige’s piano; along with how they incorporate the audience when on stage, followed by a sense of family from the bands happy hippy followers. The unreal, extraordinary, mind-blowing lightshows put up on stage that flows so smoothly with the sound of the music is why I keep coming back for more and more Phish. Upon arrival you are greeted by the friendliest people who all have the same mind set as you: to kick back, relax, and let the music run through your body as you sway with the music all night long. Just like the Grateful Dead had their following of people called Deadheads, so does Phish. There is an underground market that only surfaces and reveals itself in the parking lot of their phenomenal shows, where you get to see the most remarkable art and other hand-made trinkets. Anything from dream catchers, homemade tie-dye Phish t-shirts, to hand blown glass pieces. Some of these fans, or Phans, as they call themselves follow Phish and make a living selling what they can make with their artistic talent. If people aren’t selling something then they are walking around just looking at their fellow peers who are all dressed up in ridiculous clothing such as polka dotted pants, big clown glasses, or one of the most famous clothing style was made by Phish’s very own Jon Fishman, every show he wears the same article of clothing, a purple tunic with red ovals all around it. One of the greatest parts of Phish shows is the friendly people you meet there; you will leave with plenty of new found friends. The set list at Mansfield on 6-7-11 was astounding. Trey got the crowd exuberated with a killer rendition of “Llama“. The groove was perfect to start this memorable show. And if that didn’t get your moving to the music, the next song was sure to pull you in. It was an eight minute long jam of “The Moma Dance” where the beat was so catchy and groovy you would be crazy not to dance! Now, in the zone of ‘phishing-out’ they start playing “Possum”. Phish has always loved to mess with your head and make you wonder what is going on. In this particular song they start yelling, “possum, possum, possum” louder and louder as they go, but in your mind, you don’t know if they are saying “possum“, or “awesome“. Other songs do this as well, like “My Friend, My Friend”. In which the lyrics say, “my friend, my friend, he's got a knife” but it sounds like they switch and say, “my friend, my friend, he's got a wife”. Little mind-blowing things like this is what the whole Phish experience is about. On the subject of mind-blowing things that happen at Phish shows, let me just try and describe the lightshows. To sum it up in one quick thought: Just as magical, if not more magical than when a little kid sees the Magic Kingdom Castle in Disney World for the first time. Your eyes seem like they open up to the world for the first time. It is so marvelous; the band literally paints a picture that goes along with them and their musical flow. Every color you can think of, every speed to shutter at, every movement 360° any which way, layers of light every four or five feet for at least forty to fifty feet high. As I said in my previous paragraph, Phish likes throwing in little things to mess with you. So what they do with the lights is align them just right so when they intersect it looks like it spells out, “P-H-I-S-H” across the middle of the stage. On top off all this going on, the phans all bring in hundreds of glow sticks and while the members of Phish paints up a beautiful picture with their lights, we come right back and add to it with our own light, glow stick wars. This is where thousands of glow sticks are being thrown every which way to the sound of the music. At points throughout the concert is literally looks like it is raining rainbow. Most shows now a day the artist will go on stage, and just play their music without having fun with the crowd. Phish has brought this idea that the fans made them who they are today so they try to give as much back to them at their concerts as they can. During the show on 6-7-11 the herd of people surrounding the stage started chanting ‘let’s go Bruins’ after the band finished performing “Bug” and they played music along with us. They also do any number of things such as, both Trey and Mike when playing the song ‘Meatstick’ they do a dance coincide on mini-trampoline while playing their instruments called, cleverly enough, the Meatstick dance. This dance looks very much like the Macarena and is hysterical to watch these men on stage dancing. Other times they will release a few huge balloon balls into the abyss of heads and every time a ball would land a be pushed up by a crazed fan, Phish would play a note and make a song based on how the crowd hits these balls. Overall Phish is a great, life changing experience that I think anyone with an open mind would appreciate and admire how much talent these four guys have. They have changed the way a lot of people live just by their sweet sounds made by their two hands, and their instruments. Also, their whole persona at a concert just adds to the magic of this band. Their explosive lights on stage draws your eyes directly at the band not to take a single peak anywhere else for the four - five hour show they put on. What they do on stage and how they incorporate every single fan with the show is phenomenal and you best bet that there will never be a similar show to another one. Every single show is 100% different then any other show they play which makes Phish one of the greatest Jam bands that have every been created.

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