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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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The great Roger Smith
2012-04-15 22:27:13
Doing their thing...
2012-04-15 22:27:13
Adolfo Acosta in the middle -- trumpeter extraordinare
2012-04-15 22:27:13

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Tower of Power -- 44 years and no signs of slowing down
Venue/Date: Florida Theatre (Jacksonville, FL)
Concert Date:  
April 12th, 2012
Reviewer: bama ryan

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I have been to some incredible concerts over the years with some legendary artists including Tower just a couple years ago. But not until Thursday night had I ever been just physically exhausted after a show! TOP will wipe you out! I'll get my only gripe out of the way first, the venue was only about 85% full. I understand it was a Thursday night and I personally drove over 200 miles from Alabama to get there, but this is a musical experience of a lifetime. The audience was feeding off every word and note the entire night though. The band was in a good mood and seemed to dig being there. Now, to the fun. The stage is dark. Squib cakes start to pump. The guys come out. David starts to play. "From Oakland California...the East Bay Kings of Soul...TOWER OF POWER!" They opened up with a shortened version of Soul Vaccination and then rolled right into the Stoke 75 medley and didn't stop! I don't have the exact set list so I'll go through a few highlights. Jerry rips a blistering solo on "Just enough" that had the audience melting. I mean, it was nothing fancy or complicated but he was showing out! After the song, LB gets on the mic "Normally I say something clever or funny right here, but that was just too damn good. You've used up your guitar solo allocation for tonight, but that was just too damn good!" I was pleased to hear "Come back baby". I get the feeling that hadn't been in the rotation long. It killed! Same thing with "Below us all the city lights." I was curious how that would turn out live since it's a production-heavy song off the album with strings, etc. It was one of the brightest moments of the night IMO. Beautiful song that comes across live very well. "Main nerve" -- Sal with a sick trumpet solo! Speaking of Sal, I noticed on a lot of the songs where Mike/Mic would play trombone he played the part on Flugelhorn. Interesting take. "Diggin'/Startime" was the coolest moment of the entire show. Larry is a freak of nature. He's got Philip Bailey-esque range yet he rarely has to go into falsetto. He fronts the band amazingly well. All his talents come to bear in the James Brown portion of the program. MERCY! Even on songs like "Me and Mrs. Jones" his energy and talent are insane but he just had the audience eating out of his hand with the James Brown stuff. One of the people who traveled with me is a pro musician from the Montgomery, AL area who plays the saxes. He looks at me after Tom's solo in Hip "I'll never be that good. In a million years I'll never be that good." After the show we were talking to a few other fans and just walking by was Roger! I got my picture taken with him and shook his hand (even though I felt awkward in shaking his hand because I didn't want to mess up his money maker lol.) Helluva nice guy. Also got to meet and have a picture with Adolfo. Met Doc in passing but he looked like he was in a hurry. Still, the man is a freakin' legend! The sound mix was almost perfect. Several points in the show I felt like Doc's bari would rattle my chest. You feel it. I would have loved to hear more bass from Rocco Prestia, but other than that the sound mix was right on point. Also a tip to all young drummers out there. David Garibaldi gets a big sound out of his drums but he doesn't go caveman and try to beat a hole in the heads. Technique, he has tons! I could go on and on, but it truly was a musical experience that was one for the ages. An amazing show! To the band, the Southeast needs some vaccination! Atlanta, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Jacksonville -- they don't get to the South nearly enough. See this band! Spend the money. See this band! It's an exhausting, yet totally exciting musical experience that must be had!

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