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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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The Lennon Cathcart Trio
2012-05-07 10:35:48
It's all about the music
2012-05-07 10:35:48

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If you are a music lover of the 60's & 70's Rock, This is a must see show for you.
Venue/Date: Grand Palace (Branson, MO)
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May 5th, 2012
Reviewer: Bettilou

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Remember The Lennon Sisters who were on the Lawrence Welk TV show from 1955-1968? The ones who were coined “American's Sweethearts of Song”. The ones that Saturday Night Live spoof in some of their skits. In 1994 the Lennon Sisters moved from Southern California to Branson, Missouri to open the Welk Theatre. Well, when they moved to Branson they brought some of their family with them, 26 of them I'm told; spouses, children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, in-laws & Mom. Over the years a few members of the family moved away, but most of them have made their home in southwest Missouri & the Sisters still perform in Branson. Three of those family members have joined together to form a powerhouse musical trio. The Lennon Cathcart Trio. Remember that name. The Lennon Cathcart Trio. They have a facebook fan page, look'em up, they are amazing! They are musician's musicians. Nothing like this has ever been in Branson before! There ain't no bubbles here folks. It ain't swing, it ain't country, it ain't a tribute show. It's rock, it's folk, it's jazz, it's blues, it's great! These guys are the rebels of Branson. Yes, they have a show, but it's like the 'Anti-Show'. It's like a concert in your living room. No choreography, no costume changes, no click tracks, no special effects, no vocal machines, no juggling, no illusions, no animals, no props, no sets, only 3 great talents with a 2 man rhythm section playing good music. It's all about the music. Songs from songwritters such as James Taylor, Paul Simon, Brian Wilson, Jimmy Webb, Peter Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan, Stephen Stills, Jon Hendricks, Tommy Springfield, Ray Davies, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell and more. Bill Lennon, younger brother to the Sisters, is not only charming, witty & handsome, he's a great story teller. Bill's beautiful, talented wife, Gail Lennon, is the best female vocalist in the county. She is also a walking encyclopedia of music trivia. Michael Cathcart is not a Lennon, he is the son of a Lennon, Peggy Lennon, & jazz trumpeter Dick Cathcart. Michael is.... oh dear... ummmm.. well.. there are no words to describe this man. You will just have to hear him & see him to believe him. He inherited the talents from both his parents. Crooner Andy Williams once said that Michael was the best singer he knows. Andy hired Michael to play dinner music at the Andy Williams Moon River Grill just so Andy himself could enjoy listening. I did tell you these are musician's musicians. The place where the Lennon Cathcart Trio chose to play is like a little hideaway in plain sight. Really, the place they chose is just a unique as they are. On one of the busiest intersections in Branson you just might miss it. The corner of Highway 76 Country Music Boulevard aka: “The Strip” and Highway 165 “Gretna” you may be too busy with traffic, the traffic signal, or you may be trying to catch glimpses of the large flashing billboard, or in aw of the Titanic Museum, or maybe you just noticed that big ape climbing up what looks like the Empire State Building. With such a busy corner you may just miss a white 2 story building across the street from the Ruby Tuesdays restaurant. And if you should see it, you might think that building doesn't even look like a theater, because it so unlike other theater in Branson. The ground floor is the box office, concession & gift shop, the upstairs is a classy, quaint room to hear & see some great things. The Lennon Cathcart Show - upstairs at the ICON – Branson, MO ** VENUE NOTE: I am having issue posting the venue. the boxes above will not let me add a new venue. So I'm listing the Grand Palace which is one of the choice. The Grand Palace has been closed for years.

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