The slovenian goats

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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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The Sea Food Tour
Venue/Date: Southport Hall (Jefferson, LA)
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May 1st, 2012
Reviewer: joy catnip

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The Slovenian Goats The concert started with mild delay, as the singer had lost his goat. However when it did start, just the first song had a wide range of vocal techniques. The instrument’s were also rather interesting as they all sounded like types of water flowing and dripping. The stage sets were very unique, and the costumes where even more so the main singer was dressed as a fish and the rest of the band were dressed as various seafood. This truly tied in with the theme of “Seafood Love”, the name of their most recent album. This album has been out since 1992, however only this year has it made the top charts in the musical industry. People say its their rare style of the image of the band. In my personal opinion the band was a little odd, but surprisingly agile for their age. Over all in my opinion the concert went well and I would definitely suggest to buy this album on Itunes.

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