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Civil Twilight
2012-10-22 18:46:12
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2012-10-22 18:46:12

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Civil Twilight - The Castle Theater - Bloomington, IL - September 21, 2012
Venue/Date: U.S. Cellular Coliseum (Bloomington, IL)
Concert Date:  
September 21st, 2012
Reviewer: JLane14

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On September 21, 2012, I attended the Mutemath with Civil Twilight concert at The Castle Theater in Bloomington, IL. I’m typically not a fan of large arena concerts, so I was pleased that Mutemath and Civil Twilight were performing at The Castle Theater, which is a smaller venue that, in my opinion, gives the audience a more intimate experience. I sat on the left side of the balcony, giving me a clear, birds’ eye view of the stage. Opening for Mutemath was Civil Twilight. Civil Twilight is a rock band from Cape Town, South Africa and their sound has been compare to that of Muse and Radiohead. (Wikipedia) The music of Civil Twilight has been featured in television and movies. Their song, “Letters from the Sky” (YouTube) was used for the movie, I Am Number Four as well as the Harper’s Island mini-series and the CW’s One Tree Hill. (Wikipedia) The song, “Quiet in My Town” (YouTube)was prominently used during an episode of the CW’s One Tree Hill where it was played for six minutes during the scene of a character’s funeral. (Wikipedia) This was my first time hearing of and seeing Civil Twilight. I had heard Civil Twilight’s song “Letters from the Sky” at the end of I Am Number Four, and liked it, but wasn’t sure who the performer was. As Civil Twilight took the stage and began to play, I instantly liked their sound. It reminded me a lot of Radiohead, one of my favorite performers. It appeared that I was not alone in not recognizing who Civil Twilight was. None of my friends who accompanied me to the concert had heard of them either but there was a general consensus among us that we all thoroughly enjoyed it and would be downloading their album from iTunes. The members of Civil Twilight seemed really energetic and performed comfortably with one another. Their performance matched with the acoustics of the theater made for an excellent concert experience. The instrumentation was pretty basic, drums, guitar, bass, keyboard. Their musical style doesn’t really require anything more than that. And in keeping with that simpler instrumentation they are able to give their music a more “earthy” and haunting feel, rather than something over synthesized. At the end of their set, they began to play “Letters from the Sky” and I instantly recognized the song and was pleasantly surprised because now I knew who the performer was. Once their set ended, the members of Civil Twilight went out to the foyer of the theater for a “meet and greet” with fans. Typically, in my experience, artists tend to shy away from their fans, so I was thoroughly impressed they Civil Twilight was basically just hanging out with their fans. They had even mentioned during their set that they were planning on going out to the bars in Bloomington after the show. In summary, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this experience. The audience was also surprising in the sense that everyone there seemed to also really be enjoying themselves without getting obnoxious as is prone to happen when you mix alcohol with just about anything. Civil Twilight sounds just as good live as they do on a studio album; something that I find is rare since the invention of auto-tuning. If you’re a fan of musicians that actually sing and play their own instruments and if you enjoy other bands like Muse and Radiohead, I would highly recommend adding Civil Twilight to your playlist. Works Cited Wikipedia. 14 October 2012 . YouTube. 30 August 2009. 14 October 2012 . YouTube. 2 December 20009. 14 October 2012 .

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