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Coachella: Sell Your Tickets

How to Sell Extra Coachella 2007 Tickets

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Difficulty: Easy
If you are a ticket scalper, this article is not for you. You shouldn't be buying tickets to events that you have no intention of attending. Stop taking advantage of real fans by driving ticket prices up out of the reach of kids who would love to go to the show. Go get a real job and make an honest living, you leech. The karma police are coming for you!

(OK, I'll get down off my soap box now.)

If you're an honest person who happens to have an extra ticket or 2 because something came up and you can't go, or your friend flaked on you, or you won tickets on the radio after you already bought them, or something like that... listen up and I'll help you choose the method of selling tickets you're most comfortable with, and get back every cent you originally paid for your ticket(s).

Things You'll Need

  • Coachella ticket(s)
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Integrity


  • STEP 1: LIST IT ON STUBHUB. is kinda like eBay, in that it's a marketplace anyone can participate in as either a buyer and/or a seller, but there are some distinct differences, too. If you sell through StubHub, they keep a hefty 15% "seller's commission." But they also guarantee that you'll never be contacted directly by a buyer; you can change your ticket prices to reflect market value at any time; and you'll get paid (assuming you confirm and fulfill the order). There's no charge to list an item, and they take care of shipping costs via FedEx. You can set a price (and change that price) or you can set up an auction. You have the choice of hanging onto the tickets yourself or giving the tickets to one of their regional offices for a consignment sale (the advantage of consignment is they can be sold right up until the start of the event).
  • STEP 2: PUT 'EM ON eBAY. Despite having better options like StubHub, eBay is still the first place a lot of people look when they're shopping for tickets. You have to have an account set up, and there are nominal fees to list an item for auction, and more nominal fees if the item sells, but they aren't as costly as StubHub. However, you have to do most of the work yourself. Upload photos, write out the description, and answer questions from potential bidders. You also gotta take care of shipping and handle any disputes with your winning bidder.

    If you want them to sell quickly (and live with your conscience) I'd do a no reserve auction, and make the starting bid slightly below face value. You'll get a lot of bids right away and probably end up selling them for more than what you paid, and you won't look like a price-gouger.
  • STEP 3: CRAIGSLIST 'EM. The most popular (and simple) online classifieds is There's no fees, and you don't even have to set up an account. You're not obligated to sell them if someone makes an offer. It's a really easy way to sell something, but you're basically doing it all on your own, making arrangements with whoever you choose to sell to. If you sell through CraigsList, I'd recommend meeting your buyer in a public place, and only accept cash... no checks.
  • STEP 4: FIND BUYERS ONLINE. If you want to sell to a true fan, go to the message board at and read some of the desperate pleas for tickets. You can really make someone's day by selling them a ticket... especially if you don't try to completely deplete their life savings in the process.
  • STEP 5: WALK THE LOT. You can sell an extra ticket or 2 just walking from your car to the entry gate. Just hold up your tickets, or discreetly ask 'who needs one?' Just remember that if you try to squeeze your customer for more than what you paid for the ticket, that's scalping... it's illegal. The Indio Police AND the karma police could nail you.