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Coachella: Secret Shows

How to Find the Secret Shows at Coachella 2007

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Every year there is talk of "secret shows" connected with Coachella. Rumors of these secret shows generate a lot of buzz and speculation, but to be honest, most rumors of "secret shows" at Coachella, are just that - rumors.

At Coachella, there aren't really any "secret" shows, but every once in a great while there will be a "surprise" last minute, big-name addition to the lineup (like Beck in 2004). But outside of the festival is a different matter...

It's likely that most bands playing Coachella would like to get in a warm-up gig just before Coachella... especially the big "reunion" acts that Coachella seems to draw every year. However, in order to play Coachella, bands are typically required to sign a contract that states they cannot play in the LA area in the time period before and after Coachella, in order to keep their Coachella appearance "exclusive."

But there ARE some exceptions. A music venue called The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA will sometimes host popular Coachella acts just a day or 2 before the festival. Because of Goldenvoice's special relationship with the Glasshouse (it's also the only non-Ticketmaster place to buy Coachella tickets) these are the only "official" secret shows.

Sometimes other Coachella artists will play small shows in Los Angeles shortly before the festival, but because of their agreement with festival organizers, these have to be "secret" shows... not open to the public, and often promoted by a sponsor or a radio station. An example would be last year's secret show by Gnarls Barkley at The Roxy. I believe Madonna also played a secret show shortly before her Coachella appearance last year.

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  • STEP 1: CHECK WITH THE GLASSHOUSE. Currently, the Glasshouse calendar has a listing for "Secret Coachella Show" on Thursday, April 26; followed by a not-so-secret-anymore appearance by Crowded House on April 27. There's a lot of speculation over which Coachella act will play the Thursday Glasshouse show, and most likely nobody will know for sure until the day before or maybe even that night. Keep checking the Glasshouse website at
  • STEP 2: SIGN UP FOR MAILING LISTS. If you sign up for a band's e-mailing list, newsletter or "street team" on their website, sometimes they will send out info about any secret shows they are playing. Same goes for local radio stations... most stations have a "street team" you can sign up for.
  • STEP 3: CHECK THE ONLINE MESSAGEBOARDS. If word gets out about a secret show, word travels fast. Especially on the internet. Stay on top of messageboards on the websites of your favorite bands, and the official Coachella forum at http://w