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Coachella: Get Into the After Parties!

How to Get Into the After-Parties at Coachella 2007

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When Coachella shuts down at about midnight, most people are tired and ready to go back to their hotel and pass out. After 12 hours of partying in the Coachella sun, who can blame them?

For a lucky few, a full day of concerts at Coachella is just a warm-up for yet another Coachella tradition: The After-party! There are always a few after-parties each night after Coachella. The ones that are held right there next to the festival grounds are usually thrown by one of the festival's sponsors - often a music magazine such as Urb, Spin, or Filter. Sometimes there are other sponsored parties thrown at hotels or rented estates nearby. And then there are always some private "mansion parties" thrown by peeps who will rent out a nice big pad and invite over friends after Coachella.

But after-parties are not open to the general public. You have to be invited. Not only do you have to be invited, but you usually have to RSVP as well.

So how do you get invited in the first place? Read on...

Things You'll Need

  • Connections
  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Outgoing personality


  • STEP 1: GET THE INVITE. They say it's all about who you know, and that's pretty much the case when it comes to getting invited to these parties. If you're a subscriber to a magazine sponsoring an after-party, there's a chance they might send you information if you're on their mailing list. But usually they have a list of "insiders" (employees' family and friends, record label execs, promoters, etc) who get invites. Often it works like this: You'll get an invite via e-mail, which you have to respond to get on the list. Then, at the festival, you have to go by that sponsor's booth and RSVP in person, where they'll check your name off the list and you'll get a ticket or wristband and instructions on where to go later that night. The Filter party, traditionally held the Friday night before the festival (maybe Thursday this year?) is held at a "secret" location. You park at a local casino, and a shuttle bus takes you to/from the party.
  • STEP 2: FIND A CONNECTION AND WORK IT. If you're not an "insider" who gets invited to this kind of stuff, then you have to work to become one. If you live in or near LA, chances are you know somebody who has industry connections. Or know somebody who knows somebody. Or know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. You gotta work any angle you can, and make new friends. You'd be surprised how well the straightforward and honest approach works, as long as you're friendly. Let peeps know that you'd really like to get on the invite list for the Coachella after-party. Use some charm and be persistent, and eventually you'll get hooked up.
  • STEP 3: MAKE FRIENDS AT THE FESTIVAL. Same goes for the private after-parties. If you're at the fest and wanting to keep the night going, start asking peeps if they know of any after-parties. Talking to strangers is perfectly acceptable at Coachella - most people there are really friendly. But chat them up a little first before you start interrogating them about after-parties. Chat about the band you're watching, ask where they're from, where they're staying, etc. Then ask if they're gonna be partying afterwards, or if they've heard of any parties going down. Keep talking to peeps, and eventually you'll get tipped off to a party somewhere. The key is to be cool, respectful and friendly, yet persistent.
  • STEP 4: GO ONLINE. For the private after-parties, sometimes you can get the low-down before you even leave for Coachella, just by reading the messageboards. Sometimes people will openly discuss the details of their party, maybe because they're planning to charge a cover. Other times, if you just use the fan forum to let people know you're looking for an after party, and you don't come off as a total jerk, someone will send a private message with details.
  • STEP 5: KISS ASS. If you know a certain sponsor is having an after-party, you could always hang out their sponsor booth during the festival and kiss up to their peeps, seeing if you can charm your way into getting on the list. Worth a shot, you never know if it will work unless you try.
  • STEP 6: THROW YER OWN! Why grovel and beg to get into someone else's party, when you can party on your own? A lot of people will get a big group together and rent out a vacation house, and keep their party goin' until tha break of dawn. Word.