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Coachella: What to Bring To Coachella

How to Know What to Bring to Coachella 2007

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At Coachella, you want to travel as light as possible, but there's a lot of stuff you can bring that can make your Coachella experience go smoother. Some are "essentials" while others are "luxuries." The less stuff you have on you, the easier it is to move around, work your way through crowds, and get your dance on. The more stuff you have, the better you'll be able to adapt to adversity like temperature changes, hunger, and gross port-o-potties. It's up to each individual person to decide what's more important to them.

Not only should you consider what to bring, but also what you're going to carry your stuff in. Many people bring backpacks. Some sport the always fashionable fanny pack. Something I see more and more of every year are the smaller "sling packs" which is what you'd get if you cross-bred a backpack with a fanny pack. Personally, I have used a backpack or camelbak in the past, but the past couple years I've just worn cargo shorts with big ol' pockets, and managed to cram all my stuff into those.

Here's a list of stuff you may want to consider bringing to Coachella, broken down into 3 categories:


  • STEP 1: THE BARE ESSENTALS: This is stuff everyone should bring...
    Cash / ATM Card / ID
    Cell Phone (fully charged)
    Schedule / Map
  • STEP 2: HANDY STUFF THAT I ALWAYS BRING: You can survive without this stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it...
    Sunscreen (small travel size)
    Baby Wipes / Handi-wipes (small travel pack)
    Digital camera + spare batteries
    A couple energy bars (technically not allowed, so sneak them in. Not the chocolate kind, they'll liquefy)
    A bandana or hat
    Glowstick or LED light (to illuminate those dark port-o-potties)
    Long-sleeve T-shirt (it gets cooler at night)
    Lip balm (SPF 15 or higher)
    Aspirin / Ibuprofen
    Foam earplugs (in case you find yourself directly in front of a speaker)
  • STEP 3: LUXURY ITEMS: If you still have room for more, you might also consider bringing...
    Sunglass case
    Water bottle holder / strap
    GPS unit (for finding your car)
    FRS/GMRS 2-Way radios (walkie-talkies) for keeping track of friends
    Extra footwear (some peeps wear sandals in the day and shoes at night)
    Extra pair of sunglasses (in case you lose or break some)
    Hand sanitizer
    Light jacket or hoodie sweatshirt

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • Bring plenty of cash. There are a couple ATM machines, but the lines are long.
  • Leave some room in your backpack for any merch you might buy (t-shirts, etc)
  • I didn't mention water on the lists because you can't bring it in. But buy plenty once you're inside. It's important to stay hydrated!
  • If you decide to bring a backpack, and none of your friends do, be prepared for them to ask you to tote around their stuff for them. If you're the only one with a backback, you'll probably end up being their pack mule, which sucks. Make sure your friends also being something to carry their stuff in.