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Drop Out Boys: Tour Dates Postponed

Drop Out Boys: Tour Dates Postponed

Fall Out Boy announces that due to personal issues beyond the bandís control, the first few weeks of The Honda Civic Tour have been delayed.

I always hate when this happens.  Personal issues can have so many meanings.  Is the band fighting?  Does a family member have cancer?  The cause of the postponing the shows would help us understand as to wheather to have compassion for the band, or get pissed @ them.  Regardless, this is a shitty way to start your tour.

These shows will be rescheduled to the end of the tour. Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz says, "Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, we are planning on this being the biggest and best Fall Out Boy show that we could possibly have. Unfortunately, because of some personal issues we had to delay the tour a few weeks. We want to put on the best possible show we can and know that this extra couple of weeks will give us the time to put ourselves in the right place to put on the best show we can. The shows from the earlier part of the tour will be rescheduled to the end but all tickets will be honored for all moved shows. Again we apologize. Our fans really mean the world to us and I promise the wait will be well worth it."

Do you believe him?  Or do you even care!

The only show that could not be rescheduled due to routing conflicts is the Sacramento show.

Translation:  You are fucked!

Ticket holders for the Sacramento show can refund their tickets and can also re-buy tickets for the Concord date at point of purchase.

LESS THE PROCESSING TICKETMASTER FEE OF $3.50.  Those fuckers never refund that money.  When the Rolling Stones reschudled, you had the option to cancel, less the $3.50.  Figure 10,000 concert goers canceled, new people bought the remaining tickets.  In other words, ticketmaster MADE $35,000 MORE!!

In this situation, Fall Out Boy wins, Ticketmaster wins, and you, the FAN, the every person who put these fuckers on the cover of Rolling Stone gets fucked.