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Celine Dion is now Unemployed! Thank God

Bette Midler Kicks Celine Dion Out the Door

Celine Dion out of a Job

To scores of millions of happy concertgoers, Celion Dion will thankfully leave her Las Vegas gig.  Thank God.

In another examples of how stupid American are ( See George Bush), Celine has grossed over 500 million dollars in Las Vegas.  That is crazy.  As if not enough people had to endure Titanic, she was a near sell-out in Vegas.  And people paid for that shit!  Anyway, she is leaving and that is reason to be thankful.

Bette Comes to The Rescue

Midler will be taking over her slot (machine). LOL

Seriously, Bette will be a welcome addition, and I'm sure she'll do a great job.  And given the fact that she follow Celine, how can you not do better?