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Incubus Gears Up For Massive Summer Tour

Defining Logic, Incubus plan 40 City Tour

Incubus, and their management, along with Live Nation, think the band has more juice left to be squeezed from concertgoers.    I am stocked.  Read on to why out why

With Einziger--who underwent surgery earlier this year for carpal tunnel syndrome--good to go, the band has mapped an outing expected to eventually hit more than 40 cities, with a July 10 launch set in Los Angeles. The tour will run through the first week of September, after which the group will jet overseas for a European run. The group's international dates can be found at its website.

Why this is a shocking tour!

Incubus has played the LA market three times already this concert season, with the date of Verizon still to happen.  They played the Wiltern three times.  They played KROQ acoustic Christmas, and they have already sold out the Greek theatre for 2 dates.  When you add that up, that's about 17,000 tickets.  With this tour, and their date of Verizon, which is 16,000 tickets, that is a lot of f-ing tickets.  I'm shocked.  Maybe I don't realize just how strong their fan base is.  Obviously Live Nation thinks so, and they are right more than not.  All this begs the question:  What will tickets prices be?  I'd imagine they'll be $40-60  a ticket. 

They put on a great show

I was lucky to get tickets to see them at the Wiltern this February, and they are great performers, with great music, and great fans.  I was in the lodge for the event.  Thank God!  The GA floor was packed so tight, it was a sea of bodies.  But let me let you, the loge was rocking.  In fact, the entire upper stairs were swaying up and down as concertgoers jumped up and down.  To be honest with you, I was scared the balcony would break!  It was moving that much!

The point is, they are a great band.  But 33,000 tickets is a lot to sell.  I'm very eager to see what the market plays out!