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Fall Out Boy Concert Review @ Coors Amp

by: Lana Sevold

When the BF has Tickets, You Gotta Say Yes!

So a few weeks ago my boyfriend said he had Fall Out Boy tickets and asked if I wanted to go. Despite the fact that all I knew about the band was that the lead singer allegedly dated Ashley Simpson, I figured it would be fun to try something new.

So, Friday May 11 we headed to Coors Amphitheater an outdoor concert arena. The weather was around 70 degrees and perfect. My man and I headed to VIP lounge and got our drink on. Due to his working late we missed the opening acts including Travis Barker's new group. I heard they were awesome though.

Screaming girls and booze make for a Great Concert!

When we got to our seats it was mania. Teenage girls were screaming for FOB so of course my boyfriend and I joined in the screaming. Our seats were in Section 201. Not close to the stage, but not far away either. From the minute FOB took the stage I was mesmerized. They played their popular songs and they also performed "Beat it" by Michael Jackson. Confetti came pouring down while they sang. Pete Weintz talked some in between songs. He discussed how people may not like his use of the word Fuck, but he said there were worse problems in the world then him saying the word "Fuck" which I agree. Granted I was drinking, so my memory is tainted and I could not tell you the order of the songs that were sang, but I I had a blast and I plan on buying a Fall Out Boy album. Surprisingly even the newspaper critic said that FOB did a fabulous job except he called them a boy band which I always associate with N-Sync and Backstreet Boy crap music.