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Police Get Mixed Concert Reviews @ Staples

Here are a couple of comments I've gotten from the police show @ Staples Center.

In short, they are getting a mixed review.

For your enjoyment!

One of the worst shows I have seen in years. Was that really the Police or a cOver band. I was in the 10th row, Center Floor. To sum it all up-LIFELESS!!!. The show had no energy at all. Poor light show. The band showed no emotion. Another get rich concert tour. Save your money.
I was at the Staple's show Wednesday night and I was BLOWN away by The Police. With Andy Summers freely jamming his lead guitar and Copeland wailing away with supreme precision. the band rocked. Like any great icon band The Police's song list was a greatest hits extravaganza from beginning to end. The energy was amazing and the sound was mixed very well. Three legends selling it for their fans is a once in a life time event. A must see. One thing I realized about this band is that their music in general is very challenging instrumentally. To see them similate this in a live show was simply amazing.

I may see them again tonight!


Rancho Cucamonga

Couldn't wait to see the show. Opening act, in my opinion, was extremely weak and too long - enough for the video loop pre-Police concert repeated more than three times in between acts. However, once the Police took the stage it was "MAGIC, MAGIC, MAGIC."

I guess they are getting old. A little slower and Sting dropped an octave on a few choruses. Sort of felt "level". Not as much energy as I was hoping for.
Horrible concert! The sound was awful. I've been reading a lot of reviews from every city, and 75% or more of the reviews talk about how bad the sound was, especially the bass. We ended up leaving half way thru the concert. I hope in the future for fans they change their sound system because 250.00 for two tickets middle of the road, the fans should expect quality sound.

i waited 24 years to see The Police again in concert and from a musician's point of view, that's exactly what i expected and that's how they should have played it. they kept it real, with no computerized bullshit and light shows. this is how a concert should be. thank you guys.

i was a good friend of Ian and i know he was with us last nite at the concert. god bless him.

marco, Santa Monica