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Foo Fighters Secret L.A. Show Proves 2 Hour Orgasm True!

2 Hour Orgasm Possible...See The Foo Live!

We'll all heard THE stories: sex all night with continuous orgasms. In a news shockers, its TRUE! Approximately 200 Foo Fighters fans can attest to that after experiencing the band for a two hour set at the dumpy Paladinos Club, Thursday night. Playing all the hits that have earned them critical and mass acclaim, I have a simply confession: I LOVE DAVE GROHL. Actually, I think Dave should of been arrested last night. Dave stole the stage. When I mean "Dave took the stage", I mean he owned that stage. Stole it from the club and gave it to the fans. Took that stage, and the entire audience for a two hour Odyssey to Rock N Roll Heaven.

No Foreplay With Dave Leads Straight to Sweaty Action

Most of us like at least some form of foreplay, but when it comes to Rock N' Roll, we want it fast and hard. Let me tell you, when the Foo took the stage, they immediately began their set with feverish intensity. In fact, the entire room was sweating; although, this was more than likely due the fact THAT THERE WAS NO AIR CONDITIONING. In all honesty, after that first song, the scene was crazy. You could feel the intensity of not just the band, but the audience as well. And that intensity keep building and building. Great song after great song. You wanted to scream in joy and Ecstasy. I did. I swear, it was a TWO HOUR ORGASM!

Secret Fan Club Show Tune-Up For Police Concert

The Foo are an intense band, but for THIS show, the crowd matched the band. The secret show was played before a select crowd of Foo Fighters fan club members that won admission to the show through a trivia contest. In short, the people at the show were hard core loyal fans. In fact, some drove from New Mexico while others flew in from San Fransisco to be a part of this amazing show! On 8 hours notice. This show was prompted by the Foo wanting a little practice before their opening slot for The Police @ Dodger Stadium in front of a live audience. While a tiny bit technically off, they are ready for the big show. In fact, I bet the Foo put on a better show than The Police. The Foo will also be heading various European Festivals this summer, with a new album dropping in Fall. In essence, this show marked the beginning of their touring season. And if this show is any indication of what is about to transpire across the globe, I know they are ready to Rock In Roll all summer long!

Ready To Cuddle and Fall Asleep

It's 3am, and I'm exhausted from my 2 hour orgasm. I can't believe I'm even writing right now. But if I didn't, I might think that I dreamt being 5 feet away from Dave, or taking with Nate and Chris about guitars, or saying Hi to Taylor. It would be easy to think it were a dream, but I got a used drum stick to prove I was there. What a great show! Thank You Foo Fighters. I love you. 199 other fans I'm sure also love you. Now, it's time to fall asleep!

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Foo Fighters live @ The Paladinos ~ secret warm-up show for fans

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