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Police @ Dodger Stadium: They Sucked!

Honestly, It's difficult to review the CONCERT because the sound was so terrible that I'm not sure what I was listening to and a good amount of time I could barely tell what song they were playing. I'm not kidding, it was that muddy and distorted, particularly the midranges. The lyrics were unintelligible, and Gordie's comments from the stage sounded like MMMRPHHHHH, BLURRRLFFFF, HHAAARRRRFFF. It appeared that the Police were using their own sound equipment, so this is on them ... DISGRACEFUL !!! You can't consider yourselves to be a premier band and then rip people of on a money gathering tour like this ... SHAME ON THEM !!! The only invisible sun I was aware of was the whirring cash counters in the bowels of Dodger Stadium with the $12.00 beers and $20.00 parking ... hey everyone lets cash in !!! The WORST sound I have heard in 32 years of concert going. Oh, and no bigscreens for us peons in the cheap seats ... maybe it's part of the "plausible deniability" plan ... in coming years the band can deny they were there and I won't be able to prove otherwise ...      posted by MusicFan99

What happened? A Police fan since my high school days back in the 80's, I attended the concert at Dodger Stadium. Last night they sounded like a garage band. Harmonies were off and at times I wasn't sure what the beginning of several songs were being played. I got the impression that the band didn't spend time together to rehearse prior to going on tour. Words sounded distorted and hollow as if they were singing into a tin can. You couldn't help but notice a slight echo being bounced around. People seated around me were talking to one another or on there PDA'S. I really didn't feel that vibe/high energy level that one would expect, especially at a stadium event. I would have been better off purchasing a Police concert DVD at a Best Buy, watching it on T.V. at home, and saving myself several hundred dollars.
Overall, although the sound quality was not great and the band didn't quite seem to gel together I'm still a Police fan.