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Police Get More Bad Reviews in Chicago

Chi-town  Police  Show Gets Bad Reviews

Review: Police at Wrigley
Every little thing they do is not magic
By Greg Kot

The members of the Police are now multimillionaires, men of leisure who played leisurely versions of many of their hits Thursday in the first of two sold-out concerts at Wrigley Field.

"Sold out" is a relative term, as scalpers were dumping tickets at well below face value outside the ballpark. Inside, the Police occasionally played as if they were mentally counting up the $100 million they will pile up on their current tour, the band's first in 23 years, rather than focusing on the task at hand.

Older and grayer, but still looking fit, the band flashed lots of chops and not enough of their usual discipline on 20 songs stretched over two hours. During their five-album, 1977-84 prime, the Police were at their best when their terse, skeletal songs were delivered exactly that way: No fat, no filler, no fooling around.

The show took a trip down Nostalgia Boulevard with no new songs, and reprised all the top-40 hits with the exception of "Spirits in the Material World." Drummer Stewart Copeland pounced on his aircraft-carrier-sized drum kit with cobra-like ruthlessness. Andy Summers affirmed his status as one of the more unique guitarists in rock history, his vocabulary of chiming, reverberating tones and exotic colors almost entirely free of blues cliches. And though he didn't reach all the high notes, Sting remained a supple vocalist and pliant bass player. The trio played without noticeable backing tracks or any backing musicians on a no-frills stage. The message in this particular bottle was that the Police didn't need any props because their songs are that good.
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I had thought Sting learned his lesson when he broke up from the POLICE originally and went on to have a very non-descript solo career. He trys to reinvent the wheel and add obscure additions and speeds to the songs just enough to ruin them. The Wrigely Field crowd was great..I wish sting was as enthusastic as the crowd was....If Wrigely Fields does not pump life into you nothing will. This concert was frustrating because they would play a few songs just as they were off their greatest hits disc, which would get the crowd reved up to only slow down, butcher, and ruin the spirit of the majority of the songs they played....Stings voice is great...if they could only get the guitar out of his hand and allow the band to play the music as it should be and have him sing to it would be great...I almost went to see sting when he toured on his own because I heard he played the POLICE hits...when I saw and heard the footage from one of these concerts..I passed as he slowed the songs up, went on tangents..could not recongnize the song I loved...This concert was more of the same except more irritating because they charged you through the roof for the tickets and would show you glimpses of the old POLICE to only be pulled down by Sting forcing his revisions...I was paying to see the POLICE not STING and the seemed Sting had to show who is boss and force the other 2 poor slobs to follow what he wants,,when what where..I was hoping Sting could have just been the POLICE for one night...just as when he broke up from the group he wanted to make a bigger statement that fell on deaf ears so does Sting in this concert it is about him and his eago instead of the POLICE and the fans of the Police...Sting did just enough to ruin the night for me...I am glad I went as I got to hear 1 or 2 songs played as they were originally intended but did have to endure the tease and torture of the what could have been with the other songs      posted by Matt