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Tip of The Day: Drink Before The Show

Drink Before The Show Drink Before The Show

Let's Face it: Drinking is expensive at concerts.

And to get fucked up, we are talking $$$$.

So what is the solution...........

Drink before the show!

Yes, this time honored tradition is known as tailgating. Millions of overweight football already know what I'm taking about.

The question is: How much & when.

For booze type before shows, I recommend booze that hits a little late. For me it's tequilla. I can shoot two shots right away and not feel it for another 30 mintues. Perfect for going to concerts.

As for when, drink right before you leave the car. For perfect fucked-up-ness, pour some booze in a water bottle, and continue drinking until you get into the venue.

Be Careful though, you might end up like this:

bra on the head