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Tip of The Day: Have Two 10's

Always Have two 10's You may ask, "Adam, Why the FUCK should I have two 10's on me when going to a show?"

The answer is simple: T-shirts.

You want to remember the show, right?

What better way than to buy a t-shirt.

The problem is that t-shirts are $35-$55.

The solution: buy them outside for $10 dollars a piece.

Unless they are your favorite band, and you want to $$$ support them, then go outside.

The quality isn't as good. But really, they are really good.

The reason why you want 10's is that way to can deal the huslers outside. If you have a $20 bill, then they are more likely to charge you more, plus the main reason:


If they cost $10, and you have a $20, they have give you change. That presents two problems: 1) the time it takes since the cops are always after these guys, 2) they might fuck you by running away.

Last bit of advice: Make sure they give you the right size. I have so many shirts that are XXXXL or XXXXS