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Tip of the Day: Make Friends in the PIT

Make Friend in The PIT Although this tip is written for the ladies, it applies to both boy and girls. Make friends in the PIT I've gone to several concerts where the PIT gets really crazy. There is always some fucked-up asswhole that is going crazy to look for a fight. The thing is that if you make friends in the PIT, they are more likely to protect you when things are crazy. Now, you don't have to give the guy your number, or even flirt with him. Chances are, if you are an attractive girl, all you have to do is say hi and tell him your name. That is enough. That will be enough to earn his protection. I went to a Foo Fighters Concerts where a man punched me in the ribs. That really hurt. I did however pour my beer him afterward; but, fuck, that beer cost me $10. And guys, this also applies to you, too! Although, be careful. Some guy might just kick your ass if you give him the wrong vibe. Or, just maybe, you might make more than a friend! Remember, in the PIT, make friends.