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Foo Fighters To Open for Police @ Dodger Stadium

Foo Fighters To Open For Police The Foo Fighters will open for the Police @ Dodger Stadium.


This was a show that I was on the fence. Do I go? Do I not go? That WAS my thinking. This WAS just another reunion gig.

NOW, is different.

The Foo will be playing.

That's great not just for Foo fans, but the whole show.

Here's the deal:

Rich people will buy the $300 face value tickets. People who think they are rich, but really aren't will buy the $125-$200.

But what about the upper deck.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I've seen Dodger games from the Top Deck.

You have a better view of the mountains than you do the field!

But for fifty dollars to see Foo Fighters and The Police. I think I can do that.

That, or Maria will kill me.

My thinking is that with the Foo Fighters opening, they will bring the younger crowd that will fill the upper deck, insuring a sell out.

Everybody wins.

I'm really excited to see this show. I saw the Rolling Stones sell out Dodger Stadium. That was a site. Shit, the Dodgers can't sell out Dodger stadium!

As The Police announce more openers, we'll keep you informed.

Kudos to both The Foo Fighters for being humble to open, and the Police for inviting one of LA's adopted bands!

Here's a little Foo for you!