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Tip of the Day: Join a Fan Club

join fan clubs We live in a world of information overload.

We get too much information we don't need, and the information that we really do want usually doesn't reach us.

For concertgoers, getting tickets is always a problem.

One solution is joining the fan club.

The advantages are that you get information about your favorite band directly to your email. Some by state and some by ZIP.

You also have the opportunity to get presale passwords.

Presale passwords work three ways: free, paid, and a hybrid.

If your favorite band is just breaking, then chances are that they give presale codes for free. Before tickets go on sale, just type the password in, and a special allotments of tickets will be sold.

For larger bands, like the U2's of the world, they charge money to join the fan clubs that offer presale codes. In the case of U2, they send out unique codes for each member. This insures that one member can get tickets for one event per membership.

Paid memberships can range in price from $50 to $150.

In most cases, a hybrid fan club is formed. In this model, a free membership is available to fans who want to join message boards and get special access to video and photos, but without the benefit of having access to presale codes.

If you love the band, and plan on going to their show, you must join the paid membership. Otherwise, you might not get tickets, or the tickets you do get will really suck.

So in short, join fan clubs.