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Tip of the Day: Use DSL on Ticketmaster

by: Adam Libman

When it comes to getting tickets, there is no way to avoid Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster is the necessary evil of the concert industry.

So when it comes to getting tickets, their are a couple of tricks to getting tickets on Ticketmaster.

We'll share one with you: DSL, T-1, or whatever is really fast.

DSL or any fast connection is vital if you are going get tickets.

If a show is hot, and you have dial-up, you are fucked.

If for some reason you are stuck with dial-up, go to a friend's house and use their internet connection.

Ticketmaster online sales work like a race: the first one to get in line gets tickets.

Fast internet connection gets you in line faster than a dial-up.

One can make for great social commentary on internet speed as a divide between the "have's" and "have not's"

The bottom line: Online ticket purchases for hot shows must be done with a fast internet connection.