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Tip of the Day: Use A Ticket Broker

By: Adam Libman



That's all it takes for some shows to sell out.

Like you, I've been fucked by not getting tickets to shows I really wanted.

Or, maybe you did get tickets, but they are shitty.

What do you do?

Go to a ticket broker.

I know. "Ticket brokers are the shit of the earth"

Trust me, they aren't.

They provide a vital service to the concert industry.

If you want hot tickets to impress your date, then you go to a ticket broker.

Ticket Brokers can get you the tickets you want at a premium.

In other words, if you want great tickets, you will pay a price.

Ticket broker are licenses and considered a very safe place to buy tickets. If you buy tickets from a broker, they will be real.

The other advantage of a broker is that they provide experience on where the beat seats really are in a particular venue.

At the end of the day, ticket broker are a reliable way to get real tickets.

So next time you didn't get the seats you wanted, try out a ticket broker.