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Tip of the Day: Try Ebay for Tickets

By: Adam Libman

So you've tried going to a Ticket Broker, but didn't like the price.

Perhaps you want tickets on Saturday night for a show on Sunday, and all the ticket brokers are closed.

What do you do?

Try Ebay! sells tickets. Unlike ticket brokers, ebay sells tickets from fans. Although ticket brokers also use to sell, the vast majority are fans.

The main advantage of ebay is price: they are cheaper!

Since fans are selling the tickets, they are usually less expensive.

For super hot shows, this doesn't apply due to economic forces, but is true for the vast majority.

Here are some tips if you buy on ebay:

1) Buy from a person with a feedback rating of at least 10. This means they have a higher likihood of being a reliable dealer.

2) Buy from somebody with a history of ticket sales. If you see they sell stamps, and you are buying $1,000 Chili Pepper tickets, watch your back!

3) Buy hard tickets. If they are selling e-tickets, make sure the feedback rating is over 30. E-tickets can be mailed to thousands of people at once. The venue only accepts the first e-ticket to be scanned. Be careful!

4) If you have a choice between two sellers, pick the one with a telephone number. You always want to talk with the dealer if something goes wrong.

5) Use paypal when given the choice. Its fast, free, and it protect you if you get fake tickets. Paypal protects you up to $1,000.

6) Bidding on hot shows occurs in the last couple of seconds, so wait to the last possible moment to put in your bid.

7) Remember to thank ConcertGoer in your positive feedback :)

Keep these 7 tips in mind, and you will have a great ebay experience.