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Tip of the Day: Craigslist for tickets

By: Adam Libman

It's 8:45pm right now.

The show starts at 9:00 pm.

You don't have tickets.

What do you do?

CL, as its known in the community, is your portal for tickets in a crunch.

The primary advantage of CL is that you can post tickets with short notice, and sell/buy them quickly. Its the cheapest source of tickets.

Be careful about CL.

There is so much fraud in CL that is make the US government look honest.

Be careful.

Follow the tips here, and you won't be fucked. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I've gotten fucked for $600 of U2 tickets. Me of all people got fucked, and I know a little about tickets. So when I say follow these tips, I'm really serious!

1) Always use paypal for items under $1,000, and mark them at goods. If they aren't marked goods, then you aren't protected. If the seller tells you to code it different, tell them to fuck themself with a wooden dildo.

2) If you can met the seller in person, all the better

3) Always get a phone number. One in which you get the person over the phone. If you get the voice mail, fuck that! FRAUD!

4) If you get e-tickets, use paypal and have made voice contact with the person.

5) Never, under any circumstances, use a money wire. If you do, you probably voted for Bush, and you are just an idiot! FYI, I got fucked on this one. Money wires companies like western union have several loop polls for asswholes to get money when they aren't the person listed. Trust me. Western Union is a swamp of fraud. Fuck Western Union. Fuck them!!!!

6) If the price seems lower than market value, it's fraud. The only exception to this rule is the time. If the show is in 5 mintues, sellers get hungry. If you are the buyer, the time is an issue, use that as leverage. Most sellers would rather get some money than lose it.

7) If you are meeting a person up for a ticket sale of over $1,000 in cash, be careful that its not a robbery. Make sure to meet in a public place. The buyer should always pick the place. Maybe not always as it could be a reverse robbery. But just be careful. I bought some backstage passes for coachella last year for $1,500, and we met at starbucks. I also took a picture of the car the seller was driving, with his plate number. If you can get his DL#, all the better.

8) Be careful of "always". That a sure sign its wrong, haha!

Seriously, though, if you follow the tips listed your odds of getting fucked go way down!