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Wet Brain: Behind the Scenes

In the previous article, we explored why we at The Concert Goer believe Wet Brain will hit it big.  This article is written for the fan who wants more in-depth details about the band.  This information comes from our August 14, 2006 interview at the Wet Brain recording studio.  Special thanks to Chris , Parker, Colin, Kevin and Dan for putting this interview together.

Band Influences
As we start the interview, and I ask about band influences, sometime happens:   Colin, Dan, Parker, and Kevin are curious to know each other influences.  With genuine interest, each band member learned information they hadn't know previously.

David Gillmore, Tool, Extreme Cord, Randy Roader, Lincoln Park (Colin wants to specify this is when he's around 14)

John Theador of Mars Volta, Zorro from Lenny Kravitiz.  Groove style

311, Tom Morello, The Shins, Arcade Fire, Minus The Bear

For Writing Songs: Beatles, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Dan Rockett, For Singing Songs: Beattles, Incubus, Sublime, Maynard of Tool

The Creative Process
The Creative Process usually begins with Parker writing the lyrics.  Once a theme or concept is ready, Colin and Dan take a look at it and start with a riff, which can be either a pre-course riff or a course riff.  From that point, Kevin will listen to the material, and start laying down beats.  At this point, Colin, Dan, and Kevin start playing the riff with the drum beat over and over till they come up with something solid.  Parker is then integrated, and they practice it all together.  With pro-tools, which will be explained later, they modify segments of the song till they come up with the finished product.  The process is very egalitarian, with each band member contributing.  Similarly, each band member can start the process with something they came up with.

How They Record
Wet Brain is blessed with an amazing studio, which deserves it own segment.  The band uses Pro-Tools, in which each of the guys performance is recorded.  This has aided them significantly as a band since they can go over mistakes and hear how their sound mixes with the other guys.  Kevin usually handles the Pro-Tools.  Another key member of the Wet Brain family is Lior Goldenberg.  Inside the music industry, Lior is giant.  In various capacities as a producer, mixer, and/or master, he has worked with with Vanessa Carlton, Ringo Star, Audio Slave, Micheal Jackson (when he was cool), and Puff Daddy.  Lior, so convinced that Wet Brain will hit it big, has donated his valuable time to helping the band achieve its potential.  Dan Rockett an accomplished musician, has also produced for the band.  Wet Brain is currently in studio with Lior (As of 3/17/07).

Behind the Show
Contrary to popular belief, being in band is a lot of work.  All the guys have jobs, which is good thing.  You gotta pay rent!  Before a show, depending on the size and importance, they will do a sound check to calibrate their instruments.  They spend about 10 minutes getting their settings right, and then run through a song together.  Given that sound check is around 4-5pm, and all the band mates have jobs, they sacrifice to make sure their sound is quality.  Before a show, the band as a whole is very relaxed.  No hint of nerves.  Right before show time they're loose and focused.  After the show is where its gets fun.  After a great set, fans line up for an autograph; some get lucky with Colin's pick.

Band Instruments & The Studio
I've head the tape on this several times, and its a lot of information to transcribe.  Here are selected auto clips that will offer a much better description of the instruments and the studio they record in.

Included Are Are:

Colin's Instruments

Dan's Instruments

Kevin's Instruments