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Police Citing: Honda Center and Churchill Downs

The Police add Churchill Downs and Honda Center

The Police have just added Churchill Downs and The Honda Center to their ever expanding tour itinerary

Adding shows is not news.  The scale of the added shows is however news worthy.

Currently in the Los Angeles market, The Police have two shows: Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.

Dodger Stadium holds 60,000 fans, and Staples holds 20,000 fans, for a total of 80,000 crazy fans.

80,000 fans isn't that many people.  You remember U2!  But, with face values up to $450, and fraud charges of $30 from Ticketmaster, that is a lot of $$$.

Now, with Honda in the LA market, that is a lot of fucking money. 

Because lets be real, its about the money.  The amount of money that people spend on entertainment is hard for even me to comprehend.

But for the sake of joy and experience we will spend endless amounts of money.

Joy.  Its about joy.

The Concert Experience.

The older we get, the more it takes!